What is Type 2 Diabetes? - Diabetes 1

Friday, February 1, 2019
Higher sugar food is one of risk factors for type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is a form of diabetes occurs when blood sugar (glucose) increases than normal level (in-controlable) in our body, also called as hyperglycemia. 

More than 400 million people are living with this type of diabetes in the world in 2015.

In the USA, there are around 30.3 million people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2015, and more than 80 million are in stage of pre-diabetes

The number are estimated will be increase both in America and world in coming years.

How people could get type 2 diabetes? Body doesn’t use insulin effectively. To respond to this condition, pancreas produces more insulin than usual. 

Day by day and at the some point, pancreas ability to produce insulin decreasing, thus blood glucose can not be keep at normal level in the body. 

A corner of my city, just for illustration

Some risk factor of type 2 diabetes are following:
* Excess weight
* Physical in-activity
* Poor diet

Other factor could stimulate type 2 diabetes are older age, genetic or family history, certain ethnicity and high blood pressure. However, in term of age, children also got type 2 diabetes.

We could conclude that there are two kinds of risk factors: non-modifiable and modifiable. Please see at figure above.

What are Names of Dangerous Volcanoes in the Northern America?

An active volcano, just for illustration

We almost not aware that volcano eruptions also occur in the northern hemisphere. Mount St. Helena in Washington State, USA has erupted at least 5 times in 1980s.

The eruptions have cause many damaged, just few are:
- 57 people died,
-Thousand animals suffered
- Damaged of hundred miles of forests.

The explosion is most destructive and deadliest in the American history. About 21 explosions in 1990s. Occasional eruptions occurred until 2008.

Then, no eruptions but volcano still active until recently.

Another dangerous volcano mountain in the USA is Mount Hood, northern Oregon. Several eruptions have occurred:
- in 1790’s
- in 1800’s was small eruptions
- in 1907 was last eruption.

A view of mountain, just for illustration

Mt Hood volcano is still active recently. It is estimated that if explode event in small eruption will cause serious danger.

It is because Mt Hood very close to populate city, metropolitan areas of Portland. Distance between city and Mt Hood is about 50 miles (80 km).

Sure, the nearby communities of the mountain will get most impact than the center of Portland.

The eruption usually disrupts important facilities such as water supply and transportation.

Actually, Mount Kilauea, Hawaii also American active volcano, but I don’t consider located in northern hemisphere.

Mount St.Helena, Mount Hood and Mount Kilauea are three of the among most dangerous active volcanoes in the world.

Other volcanoes include:
- Cotopaxi, Ecuador
- Mount Vesuvius, Italy
- Mayon Volcano, Philippines
- Mount Merapi, Indonesia.

Have you ever visited one of these volcanoes?

Some Feature Comparisons of 1G to 4G in Mobile Telephones

A mobile (smart) phone, just for illustration
Since first generation in 1980’s, mobile telephone has evolved from 1G to 4G, and even 5G is coming soon worldwide. The improvement from 1G to 4G is relating to transmission band, frequency band and services.
The development of Mobile telephone is not only to its technology, but also increasing number of its users. As mentioned by Sharma (2013) that the number of mobile cellular subscribers are four times than fix telephone lines, and the trend is increasing in recent years. Thus, technology efficiency is important.
The new generation of Cell Phone bring new technology and high data rates than the older generation . The increasing of wireless phone is following by highly requirement for better features and standard uses.
In respect to Standards used and Features, the different of Mobile Telephones 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G are following: 
1)Analog system

1)Voice only, no data communication
2)Slow speed and low capacity
3)Less secure

1) Enhanced efficiency
2) Improved system capacity
3) Voice and data services.
4) Enhanced security

1) does not support high data rates
2) Weaker digital signal.
3)Unable to handle complex data.
1)Supports multimedia
2)Value added services like television, GPS and video conferencing.
3)High speed internet
4) Increased capacity.

1)Expensive Cost of upgrading 3G devices
2)Power consumption is high.
3)Expensive base station
1)High efficiency and High voice quality.
2)Easily access internet, streaming media etc
3)Simple protocol architecture.
4)Efficient multicast/broadcast.

1)Higher data prices 2)very expensive and hard to implement
3)Complex hardware. 4)Power usage is more.

Are Seasonings of Indonesian Food Sold in America?

When I visited Asian groceries, I always buy traditional food from South East Asian regions such as:
- Thailand
- Malaysia
- Vietnam
- Philippine
- Indonesia.

Several seasoning from South East Asia

Some of foods are ready to eat and fresh, mainly baked and fry dishes or cakes. Many foods are dried and preserved foods. Several frozen foods include fruits are also available.

Lovely fruits include:
- Rambutan
- Mango
- Jack fruit
- Lychee

I like to use shrimp paste from Philippine and Malaysia to make foods have aromatic smell and delicious taste.

Indonesian traditional food, for illustration

I sometimes cook traditional foods, it is easy because there are many seasonings that are ready to be used.

We just prepare beef, chicken, fish or proper vegetables, then mixed it with seasoning. Easy and quick. Take from few minutes to no more than 1 hour.

Many available seasonings for making dishes, some of them are called as:
- Rendang
- Nasi goreng
- Rawon
- Opor ayam
- Soto ayam
- Chicken curry.

At least I have something to eat, thus no need to miss traditional dishes because of these seasonings.

As an example, one of my favorites is “Beef Rendang.” If we cook based on traditional recipes, then would take hours.

By using Rendang seasoning, we just need to prepare boneless beef, boiled its with seasoning for a while. The result is smell like traditional ones and off course very delicious.

Just try it ! 

Painting Stylistic of Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo (Part-1)

Thursday, January 31, 2019

We may hear the word of “revolution” or dramatic changes in every aspect of life: social, political, cultural, science and technology, and even work of arts. Uniquely, artists, in many cases, respond to their environment conditions to change their own works. New style born to correct old one or to anticipate unseen future change of mankind behaviors.

Figure. One of most famous painting by Raphael created in 1511 

In history, there were important periods of stylistic, namely Renaissance, Baroque, and Rococo. Cranmer (2015) described the different of these periods with manners. Renaissance was seen as individualism, naturalism and detail of work of art. Then, Baroque has characters of exaggerated motion, clear, and ornate details. The period of Rococo was characterized by more light, florid, and graceful compare to Baroque and Renaissance.

Scientific knowledge is one of important factors to create style or art work that distinguish one period to other periods. It is noted that inventions and discoveries by scientists have supported the artists’ eagerness to capture the changing colors of light and shadow in their work of arts. Thus, new version of art may be born. 

Another Raphael painting, Pope Julius II

Renaissance art emerged in Italy around 14th century. Actually, Renaissance art occurred in two antagonist situations; one side there were backdrop in political stabilities; but on other side, there were the development of new technologies. Thus, Renaissance art parallel to flowering with the printing press; understanding of a new system of astronomy; the discovery and exploration of new continents; and philosophy, music and literature progress.

The stars of Renaissance artists are Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael. Of these three, Raphael was known as great masters in depicting realistic of life. Anirudh (2014) recorded 10 most famous paintings by Raphael. At the top was titled “The School of Athens” (Please see Figure at above).

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