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Black Market of a Fake Covid 19 Test Result – Virus 30

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Bottles with flowers painting

Many countries require Covid 19 test for passengers to get onboard. It is sound good to prevent spreading of diseases.

The countries imposes test requirement and need negative test certificates include, not limited to:

- France

- Brazil

- Austria

- Cambodia

- Cyprus

- Czech Republic

- Cyprus

- Estonia

- Germany

- Greece

- Iceland

A cat sits nicely on the tree, just for illustration

Unfortunately, this requirement trigger black market to provide fake result without test.

The fake result means “negative” test result. The negative result is conveyed in the digital certificates. Then, this fake certificate is shown to authorities to get permit to travel anywhere.

What is the cost of fake certificate of covid 19 test result?

A piece of fake test result price is varies from places to places, country to country:

- could cost from US$ 180 to US$ 360 at “the Paris' Charles de Gaulle Airport,” France.

- cost between US$ 65 (Blackburn) to US$ 196 (Bradford) in England

- between US$ 30 to US 50 in many developing countries

Do you hear about a fake certificate of Covid 19 test results? What do you think?

When Will be the First Shot of Covid 19 Vaccine? - Virus 29

Friday, November 27, 2020
Vaccine production in December and per month afterward

The bad news that Corona virus causes increasing of infection and deaths in recent days.

Good news, American people will get vaccine shots soon, probably by first or second weeks of December 2020. Quicker than predicted.

Vaccine inventors, Pfizer and BioNTech applied emergency use of their vaccine to “the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).” on November 20, 2020.

Emergency use is fast track vaccine authorization. The normal authorization usually take months. The process then as following:

- from November 20 to December 9, 2020 about two or three weeks, FDA will process the application.

- on December 10, 2020, the independent committee to review and vote the application.

- from December 11 to December 14, 2020, then FDA will make final determination and decision to authorize using of Covid 19 vaccines.

When the best guess of the first shot? 

Flax Lilies, just for illustration

The first shot is likely between December 11 to December 14, 2020. December 13 is the best possibility D day.

The vaccine is free of cost in the USA. There are 3 phases of vaccine rationale based on group population:

1) Phase 1 – 15% population

- the population includes front line health workers, first respondents and cleaners

- who have two or three preexisting conditions

- 65 or older who live in nursing home

2) Phase 2 – 35% population

- all people of 65 or older

- high risks workers such as teachers and social workers

3) Phase 3 – 45%

- who works in industries such as hotels, factorie and bank

4) Phase 4 – 5%

- whoever living in the USA

It is said that herd immunity will be achieved if 70% - 90% population get vaccine (please read previous post: Is Herd Immunity without Vaccine the Worst Strategy? - Virus 9)

In case of Covid 19, 70% population is vaccined is good enough. Thus, we will back to normal life about in May, 2021.

Have You Heard about Second Infection of Corona Virus? - Virus 28

Monday, November 23, 2020

A kind of succulent in the corner, just for illustration.

Based on our knowledge that if we infected by let’s say “virus A,” our immune systems develops antibody.

In case of future infection by “virus A,” our body’s immune system will contain this virus quite easily.

Unfortunately, a patients may get re-infection, after recovering. For simplicity:

- a patient let’s say “Robert” infected by virus Sars Cov 2 (Covid 19)

- “Robert” then recovered after treatment

- several months later, “Robert” may get second infection (re-infection) of corona virus with or without symptoms.

One case in America showed that the second infection more severe than the first one.

In this case, it is fact that corona viruses at first and second infection are different strains. It might be the reason why patient’s immune system did not recognize the second strain of virus.

A lost cat in our neighborhood, just for illustration.

Other reasons for reinfection are:

- immunity is fragile to face Corona virus

- the immunity is weaken over time, might be for several months only to fight virus.

Moreover, cases of re-infections are increasing recently. Some countries with re-infection cases:

- Mexico, 285 cases

- Qatar, 243 cases

- Sweden, 150 cases

- Brazil, 95 cases

- Netherland, 50 cases

- South Korea, 24 cases

Many scientists said that these numbers are underestimated, due to lack of reports.

Do you aware of re-infection of Sars Cov 2 virus (Covid 19)?

Take care, stay healthy and virus free.

Chemothesis - What a Kind of Covid 19 symptom? - Virus 26

Thursday, November 12, 2020


A concrete table with two benches.

We have known that there are a lot of symptoms for whom infected with Covid 19.

Some well known symptoms or common symptoms are:

- headaches

- fatigue

- muscle pain

- joint pain.

- or other persistence of pain related symptoms

For severe infections, the symptoms might be following:

- encephalitis, cause brain inflammation

- Chronic pain, long term pain.

Moreover, you may like to read my relevant previous post about common symptoms for infected persons

- How to Know Someone Infected by Wuhan Virus? - Virus 1.

A cat, just for illustration

Moreover, the strange symptom for me is called chemethesis. It is happen when an infected person almost lost his or her taste sense, but he or she able to detect cool peppermints and chilies.

From “,” the summary of chemethesis is following:

Chemesthesis is defined as the chemical sensibility of the skin and mucus membranes. Chemesthetic sensations arise when chemical compounds activate receptors associated with other senses that mediate pain, touch, and thermal perception. Examples of chemesthetic sensations include the burn-like irritation from chili pepper, the coolness of menthol in mouthwashes and topical analgesic creams, the stinging or tingling of carbonation in the nose and mouth, and the tear-induction of onions.

Hope, no one of us be infected by virus Sars Cov 2. Stay safe, healthy and virus free.

A Possible Weapon to Kill Coronavirus was Found by a Teenager – Virus 25

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


Pumpkins in front the house, just for illustration

We have talked about possible drugs and vaccines to contain coronavirus (Sars Cov 2) at previous posts, some are:

What is a Monoclonal Antibody to Treat Donald Trump? - Virus 22

What is mRNA Covid-19 Vaccine? - Virus 15

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Is Remdesivir a Potential Drug Against Covid-19? - Virus 11

A 14 years old teenager, Anika Chebrolu from Texas, proposed a new weapon, a kind of “specific” molecule to fight virus.

She was the winner of “2020 3M Young Scientist Challenge,” and got US$ 25,000 prize.

As we know that “Hemaglutinin” is an important “protein” in influenza vaccines. What is the Hemaglutinin?

One of the street in the neighborhood, just for illustration

Hemaglutinin is “antigen glycoprotein” found on the virus surface, in this case is the influenza virus.

The antigen glycoprotein to bind virus and infected cells, while this happening, then viral RNA genome penetrates into cytoplasm of cells.

They are replicating in the host (human) by using DNA polymerase of host cell. Replicating from one to thousands over time.

Why Hemaglutinin (antigen glycoprotein) is important in vaccines?

Vaccines such as an influenza vaccine is designed to trigger immune system to produce antibody to fight Hemaglutinin, then control virus.

Moreover, by using a method, namely “in silico methodology,” Anika Chebrolu found a “specific molecule” to bind spike protein on the corona virus, covid 19, SARS CoV 2 virus.

This “specific molecule” may be used to develop Covid 19 vaccine or drugs in the near future. Hence, we will have a lot of weapons to contain Coronavirus.  

Have Animals Practiced Social Distance in Nature? - Virus 24

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Fish practice social distance, just for illustration

We know that social distance is one of useful methods to avoid spreading of diseases, especially in pandemic seasons.

Unfortunately, human seems have problems to practice this method in recent corona virus infection.

Surprisingly, animals have practiced social distance naturally to avoid diseases which may reduce their population or kill themselves.

Social distance are pursued by many animals, they are including:

- fish

- crabs

- lobsters

- frogs (toadpoles)

- mammals

- insects (ants)

- birds

Blue crab on the table, just for illustration

How do animals know that their friend infected by diseases?

Important indicators of infected animals are (varied from one species to others):

- body of sicked animals emits certain chemical to their environment (into nature)

- infected animals produce urine which can be easily detected by healthy ones.

In respond, the healthy animals will stay away or keep their social distance from infected animals. They never close to each other.

Changing their behavior in addition to social distance is another way to avoid themselves to get sick and to stop spreading the diseases to their own community.

Why we as human do not want (less eager) to follow the animals or nature? What do you think?

Can Animal Get Covid 19? - Virus 23

Tuesday, October 13, 2020


Cat may be infected by coronavirus, SARS Cov 2

I just read a report that minks transmitted corona virus to human in the Netherlands recently.

This accident triggered government to close mink industries, and killed about 800,000 minks so far.

The Netherlands is one of countries to produced mink pelts in the world. The top 4 countries have fur farmers are:

- China

- Denmark

- Poland

- Netherlands

Thus, yes, animal can get Covid 19. Do other animals may be infected by virus as well? How about with pets?

Two dogs are playing on the yard

Some reports (please double check from other sources) said our pets may get infected, other animals as well. Just for examples, they are:

- cat

- dog

- lion

- tiger

- Rhesus macaques

Dogs and Cats may be infected by owners, but no proved that dogs spreads the SARS Cov 2 virus to other dogs.

It is suggested by Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) that owners do not let their own pets to interact with other people, especially people they do not know at outside.

By searching in internet, yes, we may test our pets for Covid 19 in some veterinary centers if we suspect of our pets strange behaviors.

Do you know people who tested their pets for Covid 19? What the result? 

What is a Monoclonal Antibody to Treat Donald Trump? - Virus 22

Saturday, October 3, 2020

A Covid 19 Antibody (credit to BioPharma reporter)

As all of us know that Donald Trump infected by corona virus, Sars Cov 2 last Friday, might be even early.

After brought to army medical center, Walter Reed hospital, president got two treatments with:

- a dose of Remdesiver

- a monoclonal antibody

We talked about drug called Remdesiver at previous post. You may read the article:

Is Remdesivir a Potential Drug Against Covid-19? - Virus 11 | Tanza Erlambang Update

Then, we might wonder: What is a Monoclonal Antibody to Treat Donald Trump?

A monoclonal Antibody is a synthetic antibody which able to mimic human (natural) antibody to fight infection.

A supplement for increase immunity, just for illustration.

In case of virus, synthetic antibody manufactured by company called Regeneron, proved to reduce Corona virus from Covid 19 patients.

Based on trials (very first trial) to 275 patients, the monoclonal antibody killed the virus which attached body systems in certain degree, and improve the health condition of patients.

Moreover, Trump was injected with a 8 gram dose of “experimental” antibody. It is said higher dose, since dose used in the trials is 2.4 gram. Lower dose shown good result (please read Science, October 2, 2020).

In addition to Remdesiver drug and Monoclonal antibody, Trump was given supplement as well. They are:

- zinc

- vitamin D

- vitamin C

- an acid reducer

- melatonin

- aspirin.

We will know whether the treatments for Donald Trump are success or fail in the next coming days or at least next 48 hours.

Just wait and see!!

Are All Sanitizer Brands Good for You? – Virus 21

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Fig -01- One of well known brands sold in supermarket

Hand sanitizer is one of items which are empty from stores at the early and peak of Covid 19 pandemic.

It seems that we may find it easily in many stores now. I noticed the price quite higher compared to before pandemic.

Some well known brands in the market are:

- Purell

- Equate

- Casey Jones

- Hoosier hand sanitizer

- MCMC hand sanitizing

- New Holland hand sanitizer

- Scully’s hand sanity

- Dr Brite hand sanitizer

Fig – 02 - Equate is one of made in USA brands

What are hand sanitizer brands good for you?

My own opinion that the brand is not important, the most crucial is whether the brands follow the recommendation and guidelines from two prominent agencies:

- The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

- Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

Fig – 03 - Active ingredient, disposable wipe for germs

CDC recommend to use either soap or hand sanitizer. The sanitizer should contain certain amount of ethanol or isopropanol:

- 60% ethanol

- 70% isopropanol

FDA guidelines for using of ethanol or isopropanol are quite higher, between 75% to 95%.

The agency also recommend using of active ingredients such as:

- hydrogen peroxide

- glycerine

Be careful with wood alcohol called as methanol. This alcohol is poison to skin, and could be fatal if consumed by kids.

There are about 75 brand names have been recalled, because they are toxic sanitizers and misled consumers.

If you wonder, please go to FDA website to get full list of dangerous brands of hand sanitizers.

Finally, what brands of your hand sanitizer?

Can Dogs Detect Infected Patients with Covid 19? – Virus 20

Tuesday, September 22, 2020


A dog in the middle of street, just for illustration only.

As we might all know that dogs are “excellent” to use their sense. It is fact that dogs have smell capability 10,000 times more than human to detect crucial substances include:

- blood

- illegal electronic devices

- explosive devices

- illegal drugs

In medical world, dogs are trained to diagnosed diseases such as cancer. They success to recognize cancer types such as:

- skin cancer

- bladder cancer

- breast cancer.

By understanding that diseases such as cancer, Parkinson’s and even malaria may cause specific odors, thus dogs may help to detect the diseases.

Dogs are standing under the tree in our neighborhood.

Scientists have trained dogs to help them to detect patients infected with corona virus (Sars Cov 2).

Dogs are projected to be able to detect the Covid 19, even the patients have no symptoms.

Researchers from University of Veterinary Medicine, Hannover, Germany have good primary result:

- dogs can be trained to sniff out virus (Sars Cov 2) infection

- dogs may determine who got infected by virus or virus free persons through smelling the saliva

- the accuracy (success rate) is 94%

Just for comparisons, the available tests and methods have accuracy ranging from 84% to 100%.

Hence, 94% accuracy of detection by using dogs is “not bad,” at least for early warning purposes.

Then, suspect infected patients may be examined by more accurate devices furthermore.

What do you think?

Measuring Oxygen Level in the Blood - Virus 19

Monday, September 14, 2020

Pulse Oximeter (Credit to Insider)

We always hear and familiar with the word “ventilator,” a life saving device during current pandemic Covid 19.

Why Covid 19 patients need ventilator?

You might know that it is because low concentration of oxygen level in the blood, and the fact that virus drown the lung, thus lung can’t inhale and exhale air in normal ways.

How we can say our oxygen level is normal?

There are two common available methods:

1) Measurement of PaO2 (partial pressure of oxygen dissolved).

- the normal reading is 80 mm Hg

2) Measurement of Oxygen saturation or pulse Oxygen (SpO2).

- the normal level of oxygen is 95% to 100%

The lawn mower, just for illustration

You may have medical device called Pulse Oximeter to measure Oxygen saturation or pulse Oxygen at your home.

Oximeters are available in many stores or Pharmacy such as Walgreen, CVS, Target, Walmart or Amazon.

Prices of Pulse Oximeter are ranging from US$ 4.77 to US$ 299. Quite reasonable for me if price is about US$ 19.99.

Moreover, in case your Pulse Oxygen level below 90%, it is mean the oxygen level is not normal.

In addition to lower pulse oxygen level, people should go to hospital and need treatments when they face with conditions of:

- serious illness

- difficult to breathing

Do you think that should you have this kind of medical device available at your home?