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What is the Irregular Heartbeats? - Heart 1

Thursday, December 5, 2019
Illustration for heartbeat
(credit to cayuga medical associates)

Normal heartbeat is from 60 to 100 beats per minute for adults between 18 to 40 years old.

Medical term for “Irregular Heartbeat” also called as “atrial fibrillation” (A Fib) is developed to people in the age 40 or over.

It is because heart of older people reduces pumping efficiency up to 30%. In longer time, this condition could cause some diseases or abnormality:
- angina (pain in chest)
- heart failure
- stroke
- blood clots
- heart palpitations

In addition to less efficiency of heart pumping, other factors could affect on “A Fib” are:
- coronary artery disease
- high blood pressure
- thickening of the heart wall
- too much alcohol consumption
- intense emotional turmoil.

Normal and irregular heartbeats
(credit to mature living)

There are around 4.4 million people affected by “atrial fibrillation” in the America. It is estimated to increase year by year due to increasing of life expectancy.

The best way to manage “irregular heartbeats” is visit medical doctors or cardiologists. They may design the best therapy case by case or just give prescription drugs.

However, there are simple ways to control “A FB.” Based on several sources, People do the following methods:
- reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure
- healthy diets (no smoke and less alcohol)
- doing daily exercises

Hope, we could manage our heartbeats in the normal range.